Train running between cities

The children have definitely travelled by train at least once. It´s quick, comfortable and the view changes all the time. Don´t worry we aren´t going to travel far but we can try to go by train a bit even in a room.

The players sit on a chairs in a circle. We find a volunteer and put their chair aside.

Now each player chooses a city that is going to be represented by their chair. Next the volunteer steps inside the circle and their eyes get tied by a bandana. The game then starts by the gameleader saying „the train goes from the city... to the city...“. Two players sitting on the chairs said now have to get up and try to switch places but they cannot touch the player in between the circle who is an obstacle for them.

If the obstacle on the track touches one of the players who are trying to switch, the obstacle goes on a chair that was the touched one´s destination and the touched stays in the center of the circle as a new obstacle.

Its important for the other players to stay as quiet as possible so the obstacle can concentrate on the sounds of switching players as it is their only possibility to locate them



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Michal Kuba

Michal Kuba

I found original project Zabav-Dě ("have fun kids") in June 2016. About 3 years later, I was one of co-founders of expanding project I want to inspire people who works with kids.

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