The kangaroo wrestling

Competition games are usually very popular in the collectives of children. Individuals or even whole groups can compare their power, abilities or knowledge. The kangaroo wrestling aims especially on the individuals who will compare their power with each other as well as agility and stability.

Make a circle on the ground with diameter of approx. 3-4 meters (9-13 feet). All the players stand around this circle.

The game leader hands competitors cards with numbers and says two random numbers. Then the wearers of those numbers steps into the roundabout.

While stepping in, each kangaroo has to move by one foot and with hands crossed on their chest.

Now the kangaroo battle starts. The loser is the one who:

  • Touches the floor with the second feet
  • Will not hold the hands crossed and will try to regain their stability
  • Jumps out of the roundabout


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Michal Kuba

Michal Kuba

I found original project Zabav-Dě ("have fun kids") in June 2016. About 3 years later, I was one of co-founders of expanding project I want to inspire people who works with kids.

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